10 MODE 1:INK 0,0:BORDER 0:INK 1,26:INK 2,6:INK 3,18:LOCATE 18,1:PRINT"MICRONOID":LOCATE 15,2:PRINT "by Devilmarkus":s=-50:xp=338:ys=2:xs=1.4:PLOT 240,30,1:DRAW 240,200:DRAW 440,200:DRAW 440,30:ql=4:PRINT CHR$(23);CHR$(1):TAG:GOSUB 100:xb=350:yb=44:l=3

20 a$=INKEY$:IF a$="" THEN GOTO 70 ELSE IF a$="a" AND xp>240 THEN GOSUB 80:xp=xp-4:GOSUB 80 ELSE IF a$="d" AND xp<428 THEN GOSUB 80:xp=xp+4:GOSUB 80

30 IF l<0 THEN MOVE 240,300:PRINT"GAME OVER";:CALL &BB18:RUN ELSE PLOT xb,yb,3:xb=xb+xs:yb=yb+ys:PLOT xb,yb:IF TEST(xb+2,yb)<>0 THEN c=1 ELSE IF TEST(xb-2,yb)<>0 THEN c=2 ELSE IF TEST(xb,yb+2)<>0 THEN c=3 ELSE IF TEST(xb,yb-2)<>0 THEN c=4 ELSE c=0:GOTO 20

40 IF c=1 THEN xs=0-((RND*1)+1) ELSE IF c=2 THEN xs=(RND*1)+1 ELSE IF c=3 THEN ys=0-((RND*1)+1) ELSE IF c=4 THEN ys=(RND*1)+1

50 GOSUB 90:IF c=1 AND TEST(xb+2,yb)>1 THEN c=5:PLOT xb+2,yb,0 ELSE IF c=2 AND TEST(xb-2,yb)>1 THEN c=5:PLOT xb-2,yb,0 ELSE IF c=3 AND TEST(xb,yb+2)>1 THEN c=5:PLOT xb,yb+2,0 ELSE IF c=4 AND TEST(xb,yb-2)>1 THEN c=5:PLOT xb,yb-2,0

60 IF c>4 THEN c=0:s=s+50:GOTO 60 ELSE c=0:TAGOFF:LOCATE 12,6:PEN 3:PRINT"LIVES:";MID$(STR$(l),2);" SCORES:";MID$(STR$(s),2):LOCATE 1,1:PRINT CHR$(23);CHR$(1);:TAG

70 IF yb<38 THEN PLOT xb,yb,3:ys=2:yb=42:xb=xp+4:PLOT xb,yb,3:l=l-1:SPEED KEY 20,2:c=0:GOTO 30 ELSE SPEED KEY 1,1:GOTO 30

80 PLOT -4,-4,1:MOVE xp,40:PRINT CHR$(255);:RETURN


100 y=190:x=250:SYMBOL 255,&X1111110,255,&X1111110:SYMBOL 253,0,0,&X11000,&X11000:FOR k=1 TO 7:PLOT -4,-4,(k MOD 2)+2:FOR t=1 TO 23:PLOT x,y:x=x+8:NEXT:x=250:y=y-6:NEXT:PLOT -4,-4,1:MOVE xp,40:PRINT CHR$(255);:SPEED KEY 1,1:RETURN


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