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(Proof to be PUR)


You're the navigator of the space vessel Cubus 64, fast asleep, dreaming about getting home soon. However...

Sorry to wake you up Navigator, Sir! Navigational computer has broken down and its power source is almost depleted, we can only run it with very limited capacity. It can still navigate the ship but not make all the needed calculations to plot the course.
Engineering team has been able to hook up a rudimentary screen and manual control - our best chance is if you plot the course so we can get to a repair station. Computer has laid out a 100% safe path with limited information it's possibly surrounded by space junk, asteroids and other debris, hurry up! Tech is waiting!

A few minutes later inside the narrow navigational computer culvert

Navigator, Sir! Grab the controller, we have hooked it directly to the nav input of the computer, you need to select the best route. You can take a chance outside the safe path and new opportunities will open but the overall chance to survive the trip will decrease - there's a meter next to the timer - and computer won't like it and reset you to start that part of the map again. So better safe than sorry! We need to get the course plotted before computer dies completely or you'll have to navigate the ship manually - and you know that's virtually impossible!
You'll have some static and odd computer noise, try to focus and stay centered in the path - it will probably get worse over time, it was the best we could do...
I estimate we have a maximum of 10-15 minutes before we're a sitting duck out here - so hurry up - you only get one chance!

Help us Navigator, Sir - you're our only hope!

(Controller in port 2, hold button to slow down, if you get through and screen goes white - you didn't make it...)


- e5frog




















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